Blue Heart springs in Idaho – How to get to Blue Heart Springs

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Kayaking to Blue Heart Springs

How do you visit the hidden away tropical looking paradise, Blue Heart Springs?

Can you hike to Blue Heart Springs? No, You have to kayak to see this beautiful place. Blue Heart Springs is located about 2 hours from Boise, 45 minutes from Twin Falls, and 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City. The spring is only accessible by kayaking, but it is worth the paddling effort to see this magical location.

You have to wear or have a life jacket on your kayak with you in Idaho. Here is a link to mine if you’re looking for a flexible and not too bulky of one:

Blue Heart Springs in the late summer on a Friday. Photo by Sarah Rohrbach (comment for permissions.)

Where to park to kayak Blue Heart Springs? There are a few locations you can park at to visit Blue Heart Springs. These locations include Banbury Hot Springs (closed temporarily 2023,) Blue Heart Kayaking, 1000 Springs Resort, and Ritter Island. Blue Heart Kayaking and Banbury Hot Springs have kayak rentals and river access where you can park your car, pick up your kayak, and get right in the water to paddle. Blue Heart Kayaking is 0.5 mile paddle north, and Banbury Hot Springs is a 1.5 mile paddle north. 1000 Springs Resort and Ritter Island are about a 2.5 mile paddle south.

Blue Heart Springs on a sunny winter day in January on a Saturday. Photo by Sarah Rohrbach (comment for permissions.)

When you’ve selected your destination you’ll paddle along the river and look for a bed facing west. In the corner of this bend, looking up, you’ll see loads of black lava rocks crumbling towards the river. The base of these rocks is where you’ll kayak in to see the blue water, Blue Heart Springs.

The water at Blue Heart Springs is cold! It is fed by an aquifer and if you look closely, on the sandy floor you’ll see the bubbles. Personally I’ve mostly paddled from Banbury Hot Springs and Blue Heart Kayaking, these two will keep you on the river for at least 3 or 4 hours so make sure to wear sunscreen! This is my favorite tinted moisturizer that also protects me from the sun:

It is really important to leave no trace here and be respectful of others. Do not leave trash. This gem is truly special.

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  1. Hi Sarah! Kelly here with the AAA Travel Magazine for the Oregon/Idaho region. In this upcoming issue I would love to use one of your photos of Blue Heart Springs. Im happy to give you credit! Can you let me know if that would be ok?


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