Winter Hot Spring Trip in South East Idaho

Winter is the perfect time to travel to Idaho because there are hardly any crowds! It’s truly a perfect destination to seek solitude and wellness. Continue reading to learn about all the best places to lodge, hot spring, hike, and eat! 

Find all of these location’s websites and lodging options at South East Idaho’s website. Sponsored by South East Idaho:

Bear River Hot Springs

Stay at Bear River Hot Springs near Preston to start your trip. Enjoy numerous food options in Preston like Tattles Bar and Grill and El Tapatio. It is a short drive from the Bear River Hot Springs to town. Enjoy the geothermal pools with healing benefits and cozy up in their on site cabins for the night. 

Maple Grove Hot Springs

From Bear River Hot Springs drive up to Maple Grove Hot Springs located less than 30 minutes away. Maple Grove has a beautiful welcome center where you can find local art for purchase. Maple Grove’s hot spring pools vary from two man made pools, 3 man made  but with natural aesthetics, and 1 made from rocks and stones. With all the options you’re sure to score a pool all to yourself and soak in the geothermal water benefits in peace. Maple Grove Hot Springs has accommodations ranging from hurts to adorable cabins! Walk the dog friendly property to see the source and expansive views of the Bear River. 

Cherry Creek 

After two hot springs, you may be ready to hit the trails to move your body! Cherry Creek is a lovely hike located nearby the next hot spring. Be careful as the road can be extremely snowy, slippery, and muddy. A 4WD vehicle is recommended. The hike itself is stunning, and shows views of mountains and snowy trees. The hike is about 4 miles total and snow shoes are recommended, snow boots required in the winter months. This road can close if there is excessive snow. 


Just up the road and around the corner from Cherry Creek trailhead, Downata Hot Springs is the next place to stop for food and soaking. Enjoy their steak and soak option for a delicious dinner before or after your hot spring session. Downata has multiple pools to choose from, one large water park theme public pool, and a more private section for a quieter experience. Downata’s Yurt #4 is a spacious, dog friendly yurt with many beds for the whole family. 

Lava Hot Springs

The last place to stop on your trip is first; breakfast at the Chuckwagon located Downtown Lava Hot Springs, then the hot springs! Lava Hot Springs is a town, but also a beautiful hot spring resort. Take your pick from multiple pools ranging in temperatures. It’s really easy to find a space you feel secluded in, especially in the chilly steamy air! 

Remember to always leave no trace and dress appropriately for winter adventures. It can get in single digits all winter long, so bring your swimsuit, and a warm fuzzy robe for your walks from the dressing room to the hot spring!  Enjoy your winter road trip around South East Idaho visiting the best places to stay, hot spring, hike, and eat! 

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