Worswick Hot Springs

Worswick Hot Springs is located north of Fairfield, Idaho; one of the most historic and beautiful towns in Southern Idaho. Its charm is hidden in Camas County. The town sits just below the mountains, showing off the most gorgeous views around.

Head north of Fairfield towards Soldier Mountain. This road will take you to the Sawtooth National Forest, where you will find gorgeous rolling mountains, plentiful trees, and hot springs. Worswick Hot Springs is the quickest option for a hot spring soak. There are a couple of other of soaking choices including Skillern Hot Springs and Preis Hot Springs, but the accessibility to Worswick is extremely convenient!


The parking lot is located about 20 miles from Fairfield, and takes around an hour to get too. Take road 227 off of road 094 at Little Smoky Campground. Google maps also works by typing in “Worswick Hot Springs.” The road can be bumpy, and is not serviced in the winter. These springs are only accessible when the snow is completely melted. The road does, however, turn into a snowmobile path! Use cation if accessing them this way as avalanche danger in this area is high. The best time we recommend visiting is spring, summer, and fall. Fall nights bring chilly mountain air, and the hot springs steam in the sun. It is a gorgeous place to relax!


There are several springs to soak in around the area. The pools near the parking lot are a cooler temp, ranging from 90-105 degrees. Hiking up the hill towards the steaming springs the temps can get up to 140 degrees! There are pools to soak in up here, but use extreme cation as to not get burnt. Most of the pools have been tended to by assorting rocks in a circle to keep the water deeper. The pools at the bottom are best for large groups and families. Worswick Creek runs into Little Smoky Creek across the road, where there is also a camp site. If you are camping, be sure to only have fires in designated areas. The Wrangler in Fairfield has great food to run into town and eat. There are other services in Fairfield as well.

Enjoy Zeppes Pizza & Subs on Main Street Gooding, too! Bring a sub up to the hot springs with you, or eat at the fun restaurant/arcade. The “create your own” pizza will suit anyone’s craving after a day of exploring the Sawtooth National Forest! Remember to leave the campsite cleaner than you found it, and never leave anything behind.


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