Evel Knievel’s Jump Location in Twin Falls

Evel Knievel is the infamous stunt performer who wowed America with his dare devil acts. He attempted more than 75 motorcycle jumps in his entertaining career! One of his jumps did not go very well, and that was located right on the Snake River Canyon Rim Trial.


He attempted to clear the canyon with his steam powered rocket. Unfortunately, he was not successful. On September 8th, 1974, Evel Knievel strapped himself into the rocket to soar across the Snake River in Twin Falls. The rocket’s parachute deployed prematurely, and he did not make it across. The parachute saved his life as he floated down the canyon.


This hill built up for his attempt is still climbed and admired by passerbys. At the top, you are able to see the exact view he saw right before rocketing into the sky. Bikers like to challenge themselves to ride up the hill, and skirt back down. It is a great area to run, walk, or bike. It is dog friendly, but is required to keep them on a leash.

_DSC0993The jump is conveniently located right on the Canyon Rim Trail that spans over 12 miles! There are a few points of access to this trail, but the closest parking space is on Hankins road. This leads to the jump, but is a very bumpy and muddy road. The best places to walk from are Shoshone Falls State Park, or the parking lot located on Poleline E. From Shoshone Falls, the trail leads west and uphill quickly. Views of the canyon are wonderful from here, and are likely to drop your jaw. It is about a two mile walk from Shoshone Falls to the site. Poline E. is not as far, and is not as demanding of a walk or bike._DSC0999

The Canyon Rim Trail continues west to the Perrine Bridge and other waterfalls. There are businesses on the trail including Elevation 486 and Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center. We highly recommend stopping at one of the restaurants for dinner because they cook high quality meals! Close to the trail are hotels to stay as well, including the Fairfield Inn and Suites.

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