Tea Kettle Cave – Gooding, Idaho

There are  incredible places on this Earth.


One of those places is located north of Gooding, Idaho. Bliss and Fairfield are within a short drive as well. Southern Idaho is known for its secret caves, scattered from place to place. These caves exist because of lava left from volcanoes years ago! Beneath the lava field’s surface is all shapes and sizes of lava tubes. When the lava flow stopped and the rocks cooled, Tea Kettle Cave was formed.


Ready to Visit?

Jump in the highest clearance vehicle you have and be ready for some bumps. Keep in mind that the road will be scattered with rocks and most vehicles cannot clear the ones near the end of the drive. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes, and watch out for snakes. Many hikers have witnessed snakes in the cave and suggest to keep a thoughtful eye out.

Getting into the Cave

The name of the cave comes from its shape. Imagine a teapot; then, envision the “spout” as the entrance to the cave. The cave is open just like the top of a tea pot! Climbing down the spout is a bit slippery. It looks like a slide that goes down into the body of the cave. After coming down the spout, hop down some rocks and you will be at the base of the teapot. In the center, there is a pile of rocks with a little oasis of ferns glowing in the light.


More Information

There are many caves like this in Southern Idaho such as Indian Tunnel, Shoshone Ice Caves, Boy Scout Cave, and others! Head to Bliss for a post adventure meal at the Oxbow Diner. If you’re driving through Gooding, we recommend Zeppe’s Pizza and Subs! Lastly,  Check out the Centennial Prairie Marsh in the late spring to witness the Camas Lillies bloom!




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