Cauldron Linn Waterfall Adventure

Idaho is the most diverse state to explore. Mountains, canyons, cliffs, caves, volcanoes, craters, natural springs, rivers, sand dunes, and hundreds of waterfalls are all over this state!

The waterfalls in Idaho are spectacular. One unique waterfall called, Cauldron Linn, is located in the Snake River Canyon near Murtaugh, Idaho. The drive from Twin Falls to Cauldron Linn is beautiful. I drove on HWY 30 to view the fresh snowfall on the South Hills. Looking north, I could faintly see the jagged peaks of the Sawtooths covered in snow. To the south, I saw Pomerelle Mountain totally coated in over a foot of snow! The last beautiful driving view is over the Hansen Bridge. This giant bridge towers over the water, and is one of my favorite bridges to drive across. This was an excellent start to the adventure!


To explore the riverbed waterfall, the canyon decent is necessary. My small car had to be parked at the top of the canyon, leaving me to walk about 1.5 miles down. The road is rough getting down, but most off-road vehicles could make it all the way to the bottom.

Upon reaching the bottom, there are many trails leading to different locations of the river. Taking any trail that heads west will take you to Cauldron Linn. In the fall, the waterfall is not as powerful as usual. The peak season to go is in the spring when the snow is melting. Still, regardless the season, it is a great view!

There are different drops to this waterfall, and following the Snake River in either direction will show other fast-flowing water areas. Be careful on the edges!

Heading east from Cauldron Linn leads past a small campground hidden in the trees. It eventually leads to river access. Since the water was down, I was able to walk almost all the way across the river. It was a great experience considering the last time I had visited here, water was rushing through where my feet were planted, solid in the mud.

Regardless the time of year, Cauldron Linn is an excellent place to bring friends and family. The secluded area provides multiple views of the canyon that isn’t difficult to hike around.

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