Buhl, Idaho Travel

Buhl is a perfect town to stop in after adventures in Southern Idaho. There are many hikes and sites nearby including; Balanced Rock, Banbury & Miracle Hot Springs, Box Canyon, Ritter Island, and Niagara Springs State Park.

The town itself offers many unique, local shops and restaurants.  My favorite is CloverLeaf Creamery! CloverLeaf offers the best, locally made, ice cream around. There are dozens of flavors to satisfy anyone’s cravings. The flavors that have won me over are Rocky Road and Huckleberry. Who doesn’t want ice cream after a long hike in the sun?

If you want to earn your ice cream, take a hike first!

My favorite place to see is called Box Canyon. There are a few locations of these natural springs, but the main canyon (pictured below) is only 15 minutes away from Buhl.


The Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve hike is a stunner. The total hike is just over 2 miles round trip. Park at Box Canyon State Park, and pay the $5 vehicle fee. It starts by walking on a dirt path – seeming to lead through only farm land. After about 10 minutes of walking, the scene changes. There is a GIANT canyon in the middle of nowhere! Not only is there a giant canyon, but the water is a beautiful pure-aqua color.


Yes, it is really THAT beautiful.

Yes, I am proud my toes match. 🙂

Continue hiking down the canyon wall after walking another 10-15 minutes. There are chains to help with the somewhat steep decent down. The trail continues on at the bottom of the canyon, leading you past a waterfall and through a forest area.


The end of the trail brings you to a small dam. The water sits before the dam in a large pond that is totally transparent! The water is freezing cold, but feels incredible to wade in on a hot, summer day. Remember to take only pictures, leave only footprints, and enjoy the view!

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For more information on Box Canyon, check out: https://visitsouthidaho.com/adventure/earl-m-hardy-box-canyon-springs-nature-preserve/

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