Pillar Falls Adventure

Jerome Snake River Parks Pillar Falls Overlook-5Pillar Falls, located in Twin Falls, Idaho, is incredible. The landscapes down on the Snake River are outstanding.

There is a steep path to trek down off of Pole Line Road E. The parking lot for the Canyon Rim Trail is located on the corner of the road. Park here and walk a quarter of a mile down the road next to the trail. A small dirt pull-off  looks over the edge of the canyon. Here, you will see the steep incline down the canyon! The only other way to get here is by kayaking from Centennial Waterfront Park. Kayak rentals are available at the park from AWOL Adventure Sports.

The beginning of the hike is very exciting; there is rushing water beside and under the trail. The view also shows off the canyon. There are amazing views of the canyon the entire time, and the Perrine Bridge is beautifully showcased to the west. About halfway down, take a left fork in the road towards a building. There, you will come across a beautiful, smooth waterfall!


Cimb back up the forked trail, and get back to the main. From here you will head right to what appears to be the side of a cliff. Climb down some fallen rocks to get down to a lower level. From here the path leads through tall sage brush and bright green plants. Always be mindful of snakes, rock chucks, and other canyon critters. There is a nice camp ground area right on the shore, hidden under draping trees.

After passing through a shaded riverbed campground, you will walk across boulders and puddles that are underwater when the flows are high. Skip around the rocks and puddles to avoid walking in too much water. The flow is usually low in the late summer, and will allow you to maneuver almost all the way across the river. The water level is high in the spring, so it is not always possible to cross the rocks. If you are here via kayak, stay right to cross Pillar Falls if continuing onto Shoshone Falls

Hiking back up requires physical endurance and sturdy shoes. The trail can be muddy, and is very steep.  Make sure to bring water on this adventure. Look down on the Pillars from above to see how huge the canyon really is!

Happy exploring!

Fall Colors Pillar Falls Perrine Bridge View-1

Perrine Bridge. A very smokey view from along the path.

2 thoughts on “Pillar Falls Adventure

  1. I enjoyed your blog post. It looks like an interesting area, I have bypassed Pillar Falls several times while heading off to other destinations. This weekend, I’m looking for someplace to take the camera that doesn’t have (too much) snow. This fits the bill perfectly.

    BTW. You have some of the best photos of this location that I can find online. Very impressive!


    1. It’s a pretty great hike! I recommend wearing sturdy shoes, the trail is pretty muddy. Have a great time, it is awesome to photograph!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Hope to see your photos!


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