Sarah Rohrbach

I get asked about my natural hair frequently, so I’ve decided to share some tips on how I help my hair rock out its natural curl, fluffy volume, and minimize frizz!


For starters; the process of loving your hair is long. I struggled with wanting different hair my entire school career. It wasn’t until college that I discovered I could use my natural curl to my advantage! Now, and for the last couple years, I have felt comfortable going months without putting heat on my hair!

My biggest suggestion is; don’t wash your hair too often. I usually go a week without washing my hair. This does sound a little unsanitary, but trust me, it is SOO good for your hair!

To help with tangles, braid it before you go to bed. This will also prevent breakage, promoting growth. After trial and error, I discovered brushing my hair every morning and night helps keep it clean and soft throughout the ‘dirty’ days.

The next step with this process is controlling grease. Everyone’s hair gets greasy, indicating it is time for a wash. Don’t wash it, yet! I use cocoa powder in the roots of my hair to absorb the greasiness! Usually on the third day of not washing I will sprinkle some cocoa powder into my roots and massage/finger brush it out. This leaves my hair with tons of volume, and totally eliminates the grease!

(Using cocoa powder is also better for the environment than using the typical dry shampoo.

Blondies; use baby powder instead of cocoa, or mix baby powder with cocoa to match the color of your roots!)

My ends can get pretty dry, especially in the winter. To make them look a little more shiny, I will rub a dab of coconut oil into the ends. This is also an experiment, and will depend on your hair’s texture!

Another hair tip, introduced by some girl friends, is putting drops of lavender in your mane! Try to avoid the part line and massage a few drops into your head. You will have to experiment on how much oil your hair can handle at a time. Tea tree and peppermint essential oils are also great to put into your hair. These all stimulate growth. I like to flip my head upside down, put 3 drops of lavender, 2 drops of pepperment, and 1 drop of tea tree in random places on my head. Then, give yourself that head scratch/massage you deserve!


My last tip is on day 3 without a wash, when your hair is feeling pretty gross and you don’t want to wash it. I brush out my hair with a pick and usually apply a bit of the cocoa powder mentioned earlier. Then, I dampen my hair using my hands with a bit of water on them. To hold it in place and minimize frizz I put some leave-in-conditioner on the ends. My three favorites are; Eva Nyc “Satin dream leave-in cream,” Maui Moisture “Curl Quench + Coconut Oil,” and Shea Moisture “Jamaican Black Castor Oil.”

Enjoy some healthy hair!

Song I am currently listening to is Holy Ghost//B0RNS

Have a wonderful day!

Message me on Instagram if you liked these tips and want to hear more on holistic practices; @earthtosarahwp

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